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Check Out Lawn Gnome Publishing’s List of Preferred Venues

In our years of hosting events in a multitude of venues, we are a bit picky. What venues are the best to visit in Arizona for consistently great shows that are worth the bucks spent? Some of these venues showcase dance parties, live jazz, poetry readings, art openings, writing workshops, wine tastings and more. You will not see us list a venue that does not pay artists unless it is an all-ages venue or they host an open mic that is safe and efficient. So here it is. Lawn Gnome Publishing’s list of endorsed venues. Get out of your house, lovers of the arts!

Megaphone PHX

The Lost Leaf

Valley Bar

Crescent Ballroom

Firecreek Coffee

Fearless Art Works

Phoenix Art Museum

The Herberger Theatre

9 The Gallery

Wasted Ink Distro