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The Yellow Wallpaper

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Clearly, the wallpaper represents the structure of family, medicine, and tradition in which the narrator finds herself trapped. Wallpaper is domestic and humble, and Gilman skillfully uses this nightmarish, hideous paper as a symbol of the domestic life that traps so many women.

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The Yellow Wallpaper

by Charlotte Perkins Gilman


Lawn Gnome Publishing

For ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, Gilman used her writing to explore the role of women in America during the late 1800’s. She explored issues such as the lack of a life outside the home and the oppressive forces of the patriarchal society. Through her work Gilman paved the way for writers such as Alice Walker and Sylvia Plath, touching on physical and mental health issues.

Published by Lawn Gnome Publishing, this work should find a new readership of feminists, arguing that not much has changed in the understanding of individual’s needs of autonomy and access to mental healthcare.