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Phoenix Poetry Slam Season Pass 2018

$352.00 $139.00

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Want to be able to attend every slam event in Phoenix? Get TWO tickets for all 22 events, including the two Haiku Deathmatches and Three Local Championships for $139!

Again, that is two tickets to every event from February 8, 2018 until December 27th, 2018! If you bought two tickets to each event from now until the end of the year for full price, it would cost $352, and that is before ticketing fees!

Upon purchase, Lawn Gnome Publishing will mail you an events calendar, you will receive email updates on rankings and standings for the three Local Tournaments, and you will receive TWO tickets through our ticketing partner, Eventbrite for all 22 events!

Don’t wait to take us up on this offer, as there is a limited supply, and you will help support Megaphone PHX and Phoenix Poetry Slam!