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Crosswalk Casserole by Michael C Ford

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The motif of many of Ford's works, be it collaborative recordings or written poetry is that he resurrects iconic figures ranging from actreses Susan Hayward, Dorothy McGuire to legendary jazzmen such as Charlie Parker and Charles Mingus. His work conjures and preserves the ambiance of woebegone days of Los Angeles, the neglected regions and landmarks from the Pacific Northwest to the shores of Lake Michigan, marking passages of time in America.[3] Many of Ford's poetic narrations especially accompanied by former Doors drummer John Densmore would trace the roots of American music, mainly hardcore jazz.

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Crosswalk Casserole

By Michael C Ford


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Michael C Ford is a legendary voice on the LA poetry scene, producing a steady stream of print and recorded product since 1970. His debut spoken word vinyl, “Language Commando” earned a Grammy nomination in 1986. His book “Emergency Exits” received a 1998 Pulitzer Prize nomination. Influenced by poet Kenneth Patchen, Ford has done collaborative recordings with Ray Manzarek of The Doors. His first reading of his poetry occurred at a fundraiser for Norman Mailer’s run for Mayor of New York in 1969. The lineup included Jim Morrison, lead singer The Doors, and poets Jack Hirschman, Michael McClure and several Andy Warhol Factory workers. Crosswalk Casserole is the last published work of poetry by Michael C Ford.

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