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Since the opening of Lawn Gnome Publishing’s brick-and-mortar in 2012, Lawn Gnome Publishing has been able to work with a slew of amazing artists! Journalists, authors, comic book geniuses, scientists, poets, painters, sculptors, musicians, novelists, chefs, papermakers, karaoke superstars, VR developers, and many more.

Lawn Gnome Publishing’s roster of published authors and artists are a diverse bunch of creatives that created their own path through trial and error. All of it beautiful, all of it process. The finished product can be found in our Shop.

Michael C Ford

Michael C Ford

Michael C Ford was born December 13, 1939 in Chicago, Illinois and moved with his parents to Pasadena, California toward the end of World War II. Between 1974 and 1977 he co-edited a prose/poetry journal called The Sunset Palms Hotel. He was greatly influenced by Poet Kenneth Patchen in terms of integrating the spoken words with Jazz. Ford has done collaborative recordings with members of The Doors drummer John Densmore and pianist & keyboardist Ray Manzarek. He also has done collaborative recording with Trombonist Julian Priester. His debut spoken word record Language Commando earned a Grammy nomination in 1986. His first reading of his poetry occurred at a Fund Raiser for Norman Mailer’s run for Mayor of New York in 1969 with Jim Morrison lead singer The Doors and poets Jack Hirschman, Michael McClure & several Andy Warhol “Factory workers”. The motif of many of Ford’s works, be it collaborative audio recordings or written poetry is that he resurrects iconic figures ranging from actreses Susan Hayward, Dorothy McGuire to legendary jazzmen such as Charlie Parker and Charles Mingus. His work conjures and preserves the ambience of woebegone days of Los Angeles, the neglected regions and landmarks from the Pacific Northwest to the shores of Lake Michigan, marking passages of time in America. Many of Ford’s poetic narrations especially accompanied by former Doors drummer John Densmore would trace the roots of American music, mainly hardcore jazz.

Lawn Gnome Publishing is proud to have published two concept poetry zines with Michael C Ford: “Atonal Riff Tunes to a Tone-deaf Borderguard” (2012) and “Crosswalk Casserole” (2013) both illustrate one of the great poets of our generation at the peak of mastery in content and language.

Jen Urso

Jen Urso is a Phoenix, AZ-based artist who creates multi-disciplinary works utilizing interventions, performance, writing and video to explore persistence, compliance, language and authority. Her work typically takes place in the public space via occupation, immersion and observation of movement and treatment of spaces.

She is a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant recipient and has exhibited across the country as well as, Mexico City and Brazil. In 2011, Jen published her book the things in between. Jen has also curated exhibits and published essays for the Downtown Phoenix Journal, Trivia: Voices of Feminism and The Arts Beacon.

Jen received her BFA in Art from Carnegie Mellon University in 1996 and completed 1 year of coursework towards an MFA in Art Practice at the School of Visual Arts, New York. She lives and works in downtown Phoenix, AZ.

Brandon Huigens

Brandon Huigens is the artist behind Fruits, Chips, Sandwich, and countless other infamous cartoon characters that are found all over walls and pages in Phoenix, AZ.

Aaron Hopkins-Johnson

Aaron Hopkins-Johnson likes pinball machines, shortbread cookies, graphic novels, and skateboard competitions.

As a young teen, he worked at Arby’s. It was here that he saw a lefthander chop off his thumb in a roast beef slicer. Being a lefty too, Aaron was permanently scarred for life and began writing and performing poetry.

Aaron has performed in theatres, bars, poetry slams, high schools, universities, art galleries, comic book stores, street corners, book stores, living rooms, stadiums, television, and radio. These days he performs bedtime stories for his daughter. He is the founder of Lawn Gnome Publishing.

Ernesto Moncada

Ernesto Moncada was born in Mexico City, but claims he got his hard knocks in Hermosillo and Phoenix. Versed in both Spanish and English, he is one of the most important figures for unity in the Southwest. Ernesto Moncada hosts “Firestage”, a crazy vaudevillian style variety show that showcases the best up-and-coming poets, musicians, comedians, bands, performance artists, firespinners, dancers, burlesque, and improv in the Valley of the Sun, every third Friday at the Firehouse. In addition, Moncada’s performance level has allowed him to work with Provocatease, The Phoenix Fringe Festival, First Friday Night Live, and his own performance art installment Arcana Collective. Ernesto has been a museum curator, a high school teacher, and a flower delivery man. His book “Posias Malias”, the first book Lawn Gnome Publishing printed entirely in Spanish, was also the first full-length collection of poetry and was featured at the annual Horas de Junio Festival (Hermosillo, Sonora, MEX) in 2011.


Author of three books for Lawn Gnome Publishing based out of Phoenix, AZ (Urban Camper’s Guide to Surviving Phoenix, Q’s Bike Maintenance Manual, & Riding With Old Blue).

Q has lived a life that most people could not “live” in three lifetimes. He has learned how to make some extra cash from physical labor and contracting all the way to website copy-writing and administration.

Like most creative people, Q strayed from the path of normalcy and has been homeless for the past 13 years, helping younger homeless people learn how to live a more sustainable life and allowing people to learn how to interact with society as a functioning individual with needs to fulfill and services to provide. In other words, Q is a community builder! Q is a constant contributor to as a writer of how-to articles as well as restaurant and product reviews (bri36). In addition to his online presence, Q is a regular volunteer at the Rusty Spoke Bicycle Collective, a volunteer based organization dedicated to bicycle advocacy in the Phoenix community. The Rusty Spoke’s objective is to provide space for DIY (Do It Yourself) bicycle repair and recycling, and to encourage bicycle awareness through education and outreach.