Employment at Lawn Gnome Publishing



Phoenix, AZ is a great place to work!


Come work at Lawn Gnome Publishing, a new kind of retail store and at the forefront of culture in Downtown Phoenix, AZ.


Lawn Gnome Publishing has won Best Bookstore of Phoenix from Phoenix Magazine, Sunset Magazine, and Phoenix New Times.

Our small shop is at the forefront of a major shift in retail space, adapting a 1930’s bungalow into a venue and store, while also utilizing web commerce to grow while taking new and exciting risks.

Lawn Gnome Publishing’s industry-leading approach to combining reuse with cutting edge events at a feverish non-stop pace make this small business an always changing challenge to help entry level community members develop life skills for the modern workplace.

Aaron Hopkins-Johnson, founder & owner of Lawn Gnome Publishing, previously worked at Jobot Coffee Shop. founded Phoenix Poetry Slam, worked at Facebook and Village Voice Media. “Gnome-It-Alls” have gone on to work for Buzzfeed, AZ Republic, Changing Hands Bookstore, Book People, Village Voice, Google, and more.

Are you an Arizona State University or Grand Canyon College Student looking for work experience before finding a career?


Are you looking for an entry level job to earn extra money while developing your list of credentials for your future job?


Want to learn more about being a touring musician or performer? Do your friends tell you that you have great taste and you want to see how far great taste can take you?

Sound Engineer

You have a huge social media audience, or you excel at SEO and you want to earn passive income while supporting local music, comedians, poets and academics?

Event Promoter