Lawn Gnome Publishing is an independent publishing house, literary event organizer, and online used bookseller located in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Upcoming Events in Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix Poetry Slam at Megaphone PHX, June 22

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Lawn Gnome is a boutique publishing house dedicated to showcasing the work of first-time authors and talented local up-and-comers. We remember the magic in finding an author to spin language as it seemed never had been done before, the sense of wonder at stumbling as if by accident across a much-loved classic and the hours lost paging through its time-worn yellowing leaves. We know you do, too. Also, we peddle nerdy gifts, handmade crafts, and one of the largest collections of used books. We put new authors on the same platform as the classic favorites. Gnomes level the playing field.

Lawn Gnome Publishing strives to add credibility to talented creative superstars, teach self empowerment, show hidden history and encourage others to make things! Lawn Gnome Publishing started in 2004, when poet Aaron Hopkins-Johnson took a break from publishing zines and went to a poetry slam. Scrambling for a name for his publishing outfit, Hopkins-Johnson saw designer and poet John Kofonow read a poem about Lawn Gnomes in Studio 111 in Flagstaff, AZ. In the poem, the Lawn Gnomes helped out a stressed young adult by completing many chores and tasks in the middle of the night. Aaron thought the idea of DIY punk-rock gnomes that printed books, repaired bikes, and made music as a perfect mascot for his brand of whimsical yet scrappy zines, and thus Lawn Gnome Publishing was born.