The Game of Gnomes

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What is Lawn Gnome Publishing?

Lawn Gnome Publishing is an independent publishing house and used bookstore located in a re-purposed 1930 bungalow. Lawn Gnome likes to put books in hands, providing a gateway for communities into a world with infinite knowledge and possibilities. Through the use of live/work zoning, Lawn Gnome Publishing started as the home studio of slam poet Aaron Johnson. With the growth of the surrounding Roosevelt Row Arts District and adjacent Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Lawn Gnome Publishing has grown from a studio space to a used bookstore, publishing house, gift shop, and performance art venue. However, the original building is not equipped with a wheelchair ramp into Lawn Gnome Publishing, the events in the backyard, or the neighboring Bud’s Glass Joint.

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What We Need & What You Get

Luckily, we have a wheelchair ramp plan that will work with the updated city codes that allow all people to access the literary experience via wheelchair, crutches, physical disabilities that stairs cannot accommodate, or stroller. In order to reach our goal in our desired timeline, we have decided to create a unique 1″ pin set celebrating the premiere of Season 6 GoT, George R.R. Martin’s literary contribution to the world.

The Impact

It is ironic that the city of Phoenix has live/work zoning programs to help creative entrepreneurs get their foot in the door, when many of these spaces are not accessible to all people, regardless of physical disability. The American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines specifically address how businesses must do everything possible to welcome customers who need assistance. Currently, our Gnome-It-Alls greet disabled customers on the front porch and ask if there is something a customer is looking for and put the title or product into the person’s hand. We had not tried to host a fundraiser yet, and that seems to be the next logical step in order to change our business and the customer experience. Recently, Lawn Gnome Publishing received a letter from an ASU student that requested we install a safe, ADA compliant ramp, so as they might be able to enjoy an event they heard about in the Phoenix New Times. From LGP’s poetry slam, open mics, or publishing – we live and breathe encouraging freedom of speech, the marketplace of ideas, and fighting censorship. We cannot complete this mission without removing obvious barriers. With your help, we will not only change Lawn Gnome Publishing! We will set a precedence for other cities to raise up new businesses through programs like live/work zoning and by encouraging inexperienced business owners to plan for ADA compliance through creative means and resources.

Risks & Challenges

We know that there are a lot of businesses out there that need funds in order to make the transformation necessary to accommodate all people. Our staff has seen the immediate sadness in faces of those that want to participate in our events or shop in our store because of lack of resources and current building restrictions. Fortunately, to relive some costs, we have spoken to several local engineers and concrete companies that are willing to help us at cost. We have already become more accessible by converting our front yard into a paved patio with the help of the property owner and our neighboring businesses. Crowdfunding is not new to us. Lawn Gnome Publishing was made possible by a Kickstarter campaign several years ago.

Other Ways You Can Help

There are many ways you can help us without purchasing a product!

  • Help us throw a GoT Season 6 premiere party on April 24.
    Spread the word through Indiegogo share tools.
    Share this campaign and our story on social media.
    Visit our store, attend an event, and purchase a book you are looking for!
    Donate books to our store or trade for store credit!